Working hours control

Working hours utilization and reports using GPS tracking

You can check the work of your employees and drivers, optimize their work activities, and hence save time and money.

The iTrack GPS tracking system can create working hours reports based on several parameters at the push of a button. No more tiresome administration, and no more problematic cases, “rounding up” is eliminated, as the start and end of working hours are clearly and objectively visible. Work and measurable activities.

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Statements can also be requested for drivers and vehicles.

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Objective, statements are based on measurement data.

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We set the working hours reports based on your individual needs.

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“Undeclared work” can be filtered out clearly.

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Daily reports can be requested at the touch of a button.

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Precise kilometer detection, accurate downtime and working hours.

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Working hours reports for work machinery and agricultural machinery

Data for working hours reports are: 

  • start of working hours
  • end of working hours
  • shift time
  • useful working hours (can be linked to a signal, e.g. engine running, hydraulic pressure, ignition signal, movement, etc.)

Based on fuel level data, the system automatically can complement the reports to working hours, with consumption data per 100 kms.

If needed, work under load can also be measured using GPS tracking based on the hydraulic pressure gauge and other appropriate devices to get accurate data. Monitoring work under load using GPS is important because fuel consumption under load is much higher than during idling. This can help prevent fuel theft, as the amount of work a machine did in a certain period can be seen.

Work activity and working hours reports for transporters

In order to filter out moonlighting, route registry based on GPS coordinates is necessary. Drivers may try hidden routes, trips without cargo, illegal loading/unloading, and other tricks. However, the iTrack GPS Tracking System detects every suspicious case and abuse.

  • idling monitoring
  • waybill-like lists
  • separate listing of activities at non-POIs
  • warnings, alarms
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