Tenders won by our company

In recent years, our company has successfully participated in several tenders. These supports were not only helpful in the development of new products but also contributed greatly to the training and education of our employees.

Successful tenders

Investment in the future

Name of beneficiary: iData Műszaki Informatikai Mérnöki Iroda Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (iData Technology and Informatics Engineering Office Ltd.)
Title of project: Development of the system tool of iData Kft. operating with a complex goods protection technology.
Amount of support contracted: HUF 128,779,204
Proportion of financial support (in %): 52%

The prototype will be a system tool that uses a complex goods protection technology, implementing radically new technical solutions. Basically, two areas of research were identified:

  • Door opening sensor technology, based on magnetic principle and protected against sabotage
  • Private security technology based on physical proximity detection

The developed technology will allow the device to generate a magnetic field, the status of distortions of which would indicate the open, closed and sabotaged status. In case sabotage is attempted by using an external magnet, the built-in magnet can distort the field that corresponds to the closed status, which would be different from both the open and the closed status.

Research studies are initiated with a specific commercial goal. Although at the current phase the process is quite far away from creating a marketable product or technology, these research activities are already market-oriented, based on perceived or actual demands of consumers. We are creating a method and a technology that can be directly used in a marketable prototype. During the experimental development of the technology, we will establish a prototype, and we will also produce the null series, which will be suitable for direct marketing.

Proposed end date of the project: 21.03.2018

ID of the project: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-01392

European Union grant won for company trainings

The associates of iData Kft. can learn English with the support of the European Union. The aim of these trainings is to provide high-level service for international customers. Announcement about the tender can be accessed here.


We have won a support of almost 25 million Hungarian forints to elaborate a new development, the driving style analysis.