Route registry

With the help of the route registry system related to GPS tracking, you can:

  • avoid unnecessary costs arising from private use
  • avoid unnecessary loss of working hours
  • simplify control
  • verify to your client that transportation was conforming, and the job was done

The system gathers the data sent by the tracker installed in the vehicle 24 hours a day, and forwards them to the central server. Routes are immediately processed.

Routes are immediately processed

  • after ignition has been switched off
  • in case of special events (e.g. private / company switch)
  • in case of idling,

and are made available.

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Making statements

Get accurate and clear reports.

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Exact route list, location according to house number or company name

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You can see the most important information about your vehicles.

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Correct evaluation

Tracks can be replayed in video.

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Simple administration

Data and lists that can be exported to Excel format.

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Business value

You can certify your work towards the customer.

Our customers’ opinion

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The car started out from the green flag, and stopped at the chequered one. The movement can be tracked at any accuracy and zoom level, and the events are visible in the small list.

With the help of the speed graph, it is easy to determine if speeding occurred.

The routes created by the system can be exported into Excel format either together or separately.

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