Our Awards

iData Kft, the iTrack GPS Tracking System and the experts working in iData’s team demonstrate their skills not only in the service field but also in a number of other areas.

Some of the accolades that we are proud of


ITBusiness Top52 2021

iData Kft. won its place in the ranking of acknowledged ICT companies for the fourth time, with the 36th place. It is a huge pleasure for us to finish again in a prestigious position in this competition.

MagyarBrands és

MagyarBrands & Quality and Innovation 2020

We brought two awards at once at iData in 2020. This year we won again MagyarBrands Award with iTrack in the category of Innovative Brand. Our Vizsla development won the Quality and Innovation 2020 award in the potential category.

ITBusiness Top52 2020

In 2020, iData Kft. got the 26th place on the Top52 list of ITBusiness.

Családbarát Vállalat 2019

Family-friendly Company 2019

Respecting and promoting work-life balance to the fullest is especially important to iData.

“When we founded iData 14 years ago, we, as a family business, set the goal to maintain work-life balance and to always have a family atmosphere.” – Lajos Szabó

Magyar Brands díj iData Kft

MagyarBrands 2019

The MagyarBrands Programme has been rating Hungarian brands for 10 years to draw attention to excellent performance. We are proud that iTrack has been selected to the best brands in two categories, Excellent Business Brand and Innovative Brand.


ITBusiness Top52 2019

In 2019, iData Kft. improved by 23 places on the Top52 list of ITBusiness and got the 26th place!


E.ON Partner of the Year Award 2019

E.ON has awarded its suppliers that provide outstanding quality services for the eleventh time. The Group regularly gives awards to its suppliers to raise awareness about the world-class, innovative and successful services of Hungarian companies.

loyality awards

Loyalty Award 2018

Lajos Szabó, the managing director of iData, was given the Loyalty Award to recognise his outstanding role, years-long commitment and support in the Corporate Logistics Managers’ Club.

Pegazus-díj 2017

Pegasus Award 2017

The Pegasus Award recognizes the performance of the most dynamic Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. The prizes are awarded by the Enterprise Investors private and venture capital management company, Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading digital business information providers, and Dentons, the world’s largest law firm.

Opten 'A' ranking

Based on the ranking by Opten Kft, iData Kft is one of the most reliable players in the Hungarian market. The financial risk of doing business with iData is among the lowest.

Opten Kft. has been a leading actor in the market for business and legal information since 1994, and their corporate information system has been used by a wide-ranging community of Hungarian financial institutions, companies and SMEs.

Family-friendly Workplace Award 2016

iData Kft has won the Family-friendly Workplace 2016 award announced by the Ministry of Human Capacities.

The human attitudes and the corporate family-friendly policy, which are treasured by the firm, have now been confirmed and recognised officially.

The goal of the contest was to support programs aimed at creating and developing family-friendly workplaces that contribute to achieving a balance between work and family and to harmonising people’s commitments to these two important fields of life.

Young Leader of the Year 2015

One of the co-founders and owners and strategic leader of iData Kft. Mr. András Szabó has received the Young Leader of the Year award.

The competition was announced by the Coaching Team, in line with their Academy for Young Leaders mission.

András has been participating in the management of iData Kft. since the foundation of the company, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. After doing operational work for a few years, he has worked in every management position at the company, therefore he has a full overview of the processes of iData Kft. and can manage strategic tasks in a coordinated way.

Marketing Active Company of the Year 2015

iData has won five marketing diamonds awards, the Marketing Active Business of the Year award as well as the special prize at the National SME Marketing Award competition announced by the Hungarian Marketing Association.

Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises could apply for the Marketing Active Company of the Year 2015 title by presenting their marketing campaigns and activities. The main prize was given to the company which won the Marketing Diamond award in most categories.

Telekom, Üzleti App-ok versenye, különdíj

Telekom, Business Apps competition, special prize

iData Kft has won the special prize of the competition with one of its unique products, the Driving Style Analysis System.

IoT-based solutions were introduced at the Business Apps contest. There were nearly a hundred contestants in Hungary.

The Leadership Style Analysis System, which is linked to the iTrack System, aims to benefit its users by avoiding wrong leadership styles.

Business Ethics Award

In 2014 the Business Ethics Award, which was founded 14 years ago and has become a prestigious recognition of business life, was granted for the 15th time. It was created by professor Ervin László, director of the Club of Budapest, and Mária Demcsák, chief editor of the Piac&Profit business magazine.

The goal of the award is to focus the attention of Hungarian society on those businesses that show an example of responsible, ethical management and business presence through their activities and behaviour, and strengthen the trust between society and the business sector.

Intelligent Company of the Year 2014

The 18 competing companies entered a total of 509 employees in the competition, and 183 of them reached the Mensa score, that is, the highest Intelligence Quotient characteristic of just 2% of humanity.

There were 32 iData employees among them who reached such outstanding results that the company received the Intelligent Company of the Year award in SME category (group of businesses with less than 100 employees).

Deloitte Technology Fast 50, 2014

iData has made it to the top 50 in Deloitte’s list of the fastest growing technology firms.

With a history of more than a decade, the goal of the competition is to rank technology companies in Central Europe by their growth rate. It is an important criterion that the company must have a proprietary product and it must be in majority Hungarian ownership.

Deloitte Technology Fast 500. 2013

iData was selected into Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 i.e. among the 500 fastest growing technology companies of the EMEA region.

Besides iData, 5 more Hungarian firms can boast this accolade.

Companies that get on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list for Central Europe automatically qualify for this prestigious award.

National Bank of Hungary memorial coin

Managing Director Lajos Szabó received the Memorial Coin of the National Bank of Hungary at the Value Creators club event.

The memorial coins are artistic coins made of precious metal that are accepted as legal tender in the issuing country. Their main purpose of issuing them is to transmit historical and cultural values, to raise awareness of these values, to educate and not least to commemorate and pay tribute to the person or event or anniversary presented on them.

Hungarian memorial coins can be issued exclusively by the National Bank of Hungary.

Nomination to the Businessperson of the Year award

We consider it very important and a great honour that iData Kft was also given an opportunity to introduce themselves among the biggest and most successful firms.

The Businessperson of the Year award is sometimes mentioned as the Oscar of the industry.

Hungary’s most successful entrepreneurs were nominated for this prestigious award for the tenth time in 2013.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2013

Deloitte Technology Fast 50. 2013

iData Kft was entered in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list again in 2013.

Deloitte announced its Fast 50 competition for the eleventh time in 2013. The competition ranks the fifty fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe every year. This year the list includes eight countries of the region. Companies are ranked on the basis of the growth of their sales revenues in the preceding five years, that is why it is a tremendous success to be among the nominees of Fast 50 in two successive years.

Red Herring Europe Top 100

Specialising in GPS tracking, iData Kft has been selected among the Europe Top 100 companies chosen by Red Herring from year to year. No Hungarian company has been selected until 2013.

Red Herring’s expert team has analysed more than one thousand leading technology firms and solutions again this year, and they select those firms in which they see a potential for dynamic growth.

The media firm has been surveying and supporting the most promising businesses in every continent since 1996.

Deloitte Technology Fast 500, 2012

The final result of Deloitte Technology Fast 500 has been published.

Based on the list, iData Kft is ranked on the 166th place among the technology, media and telecommunications companies of the EMEA region (Europe, Middle-East and Africa).

Companies that get on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list for Central Europe automatically qualify for this prestigious award.

Deloitte Technolgy Fast 50, 2012

Based on the results of the year 2012 competition of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award, iData Kft was the 2nd fastest growing technology company in Hungary and the 17th in Central Europe.

With a history of more than a decade, the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award is one of the most important awards given to technology firms in the region.

Ökoindustria 2011 Product Fee

The iWacos Waste Management System was created by a consortium of three firms.

iData Kft is providing one of the main pillars of the ystem: the GPS tracking system.

At the trade day held in 2013, representatives of the companies developing iWacos, the intelligent waste management system – founder-owner Lajos Szabó on behalf of iData – held presentations about the system and its use.

SAP Quality Awards, 2011.

SAP Quality Awards, 2011.

We received SAP Hungary’s renowned award in Prague in October 2011.

The introduction of SAP’s corporate management system at iData Kft was chosen one of the best in the region.

The main evaluation criteria of the SAP Quality Awards competition were the quality of the implementation of the information system and the benefits to the organisation gained by using the system.