Online tracking

Online nyomkövetés GPS nyomkövetővel

With GPS-based live satellite tracking you can watch your vehicle’s movements 24 hours a day.

The iTrack GPS Tracking System and online tracking are recommended for those who would like to save on the operation of their fleet and would like to have a full view on their vehicles.

With GPS tracking system, you can track your vehicles online, check their routes, see the drivers’ work, get accurate fuel consumption information, and make toll payment easy. It can be integrated with enterprise systems.

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User friendly system

Easy-to-use client program for tracking of vehicles.

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Testing option

You can test your iTrack system on one vehicle too.

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The flexible system allows you to personalize the iTrack services.

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Continuous improvements, remote software upgrades.

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Custom service

0-24 hours available, multilingual customer support background.

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Reliable business background

Its own manufacturing, development and installation department ensures reliability.

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Advantages of iTrack GPS Tracking System:

  • you can monitorize the movements of your fleet 24 hours a day
  • you can check their routes via online tracking
  • you can monitorize your drivers’ work
  • you can get accurate data on fuel consumption
  • you can simplify the toll payment
  • the tracking system can also simplify billing and accounting tasks
  • the colors and information displayed by iTrack Vizsla help you to organize your work
Online nyomkövetés GPS nyomkövetővel

Services provided by the iTrack Tracking System

In addition to knowing the position of the vehicle, the tracking system provides a complete mileage log. It simplifies the monitoring of working time, and the creation of automatic reports, which make administrative tasks easier as well. We offer separate services to clients for whom goods protection is important. The monitoring of door opening can be connected to the tracking system, and there are multiple options for the protection of bulk goods, or the monitoring of high-value cargo.

The fuel control system connected to the tracking service reassures you with a measurement accuracy with a one-percent error rate that the fuel bought is actually filled into the vehicle. And if we detect the opposite, you can request an immediate alert.  For that matter, you can request alerting and the listing of cases suspected of abuse for almost any piece of data measured, this is set up in the tracking system individually, in accordance with your needs.

Use GPS tracking to simplify toll payment and effectively avoid fines. Download the data of the tachograph or examine the driving style of drivers quickly.

Click here for more information on further services of the tracking system and their description.

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