NaviTrack – Tablet navigation and messaging

NaviTrack - Tabletes navigáció és üzenetküldés

The latest services of iData include developments designed for tablets that represent a breakthrough in route planning and optimization, forwarding and controlling routes, and in the communication between the driver and the dispatcher.

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Functions of NaviTrack

Work becomes more organized and predictable, helping the user keep deadlines and making it easier to calculate freight rates.

NaviTrack supports easy execution of many useful functions:

  • you can search exact addresses,
  • postcodes,
  • company names.

You can save and reload the routes, and view their length, time and the toll payable in Hungary also taking into account the physical parameters of the vehicles in planning.

When planning, you can display

  • truck weight/height/width limits and general truck entry bans
  • ferries/RoLa use

You can monitor fuel costs based on the consumption values measured by the probe. You can generate aggregated cost data from the available cost data.

You can set Highway Code or optional speed limits for each vehicle. This will affect the journey time of the planned route.

Planning includes a “prefer main roads” option for avoiding subsidiary roads.

The dispatcher can recall from the tablet or change the route plans sent to the navigation unit.

The dispatcher can immediately see the status (not started, started, completed) of the route plan set by the driver.

The driver immediately gets an audible and visual warning about incoming new routes and messages.

Controls are important planning aspects. That is why we have developed deviation warning monitoring to warn the dispatcher if the driver has deviated from the planned route.

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NaviTrack - Tabletes navigáció és üzenetküldés

Messaging (chat) function

During the development, we aimed to provide easy and transparent communication between the “control center” and the driver.

In addition to the simple messaging feature, we also built in convenience features such as access to instant messages, which is a list of template messages that can be freely edited and expanded. Other convenience features include emojis for messaging, a circular feature that enables the “control center” to send a message at once to all on-board tablets, and a soon-to-be-introduced “favorite messages” feature to tag and filter messages that are important for the user.

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Creating and monitoring routes that are most optimal in terms of time and cost.

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Work time

With NaviTrack, both the dispatcher and the driver, and even the client can save work time.

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Effective and fast communication (e.g. freight job assignment, workflow feedback, etc.) between the driver and the transport organizer.

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Fast and user friendly software platform. Easy operation for both the driver and the forwarder.

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With the planning function including cost estimation, you can choose from several alternative routes.

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Customizable alarms may reduce potential extra costs, delays and penalties.

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