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iTrack Reports are served by iTrack Vizsla system

iTrack Vizsla is a search engine that can be customized using rules and parameters, based on which it ascertains from tracking and measurement data what kind of deviations took place and when.

  • Automatic, immediate notices in case of errors and abuse
  • Quick and automated filtering of non-intended activities
  • You do not need to browse lists – iTrack does it for you.
  • Fulfilling unique requirements

iTrack Vizsla is the favored search engine of users who would waste too much valuable time controlling vehicles and drivers.

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Immediate alerts in case of errors and abuse.

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Objective, measurement data based warnings

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Adjust your Vizsla warnings based on your unique needs.

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Correct evaluation

We will show you the irregular or suspicious cases in a graph.

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Customer service

Based on the given parameters, we will adjust the required Vizsla for you.

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You can save time and money by using Vizsla.

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Most commonly requested Vizsla notifications

  • Monitoring the opening of doors
  • Tilt counter
  • Round counter
  • Speeding
  • Stopping at undue locations
  • Opening cargo space doors at undue locations
  • Detecting temperature changes of the cargo space
  • Alarm in case of fuel consumption exceeding the average rate
  • Protection of bulk products or products in tank containers (monitoring container cap, container pressure and the unloading compressor)
  • Monitoring working times of vehicles and agricultural machinery
  • Monitoring worktime utilization
  • Stopping or driving for unduly long periods
  • Delay
  • Management and grouping of significant points
  • Attendace rate at partners and buyers
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Quick, easy and fair evaluation and controlling

Moreover, the iTrack Vizsla system provides you an evaluation window that demonstrates unusual or irregular events. For example, in case of an unusual drop in the fuel level, it will display a fuel curve projected on the speed graph (marking the point of the drop), and also shows the routes of the given vehicle in that period. You may decide by simply clicking on a button whether you should do anything about the case or not.

As time-consuming tasks often get delayed or missed altogether, such function that supports quick work is essential.

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