iTrack Complex Goods Protection System

Áruvédelmi Rendszer GPS nyomkövetéssel

With the use of the iTrack Complex Goods Protection System, you can be sure your cargo is fully protected.

What does the full goods protection cover?

  • Holeproof cargo hold door opening monitoring and detection of reverse approach by a vehicle
  • Accredited temperature and humidity measurement
  • Event monitoring
  • Attack signal button (panic button)

The on-board unit is capable of measuring and storing any measurable or monitorable event.

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By cargo hold door opening monitoring, you can prevent misuse.

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Latest development

The most secure development available on the market.

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Sabotage can easily be detected remotely.

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Temperature monitoring with authenticated devices.

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Easy to overview

All measurements can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

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Immediate alarm in case of a problem or misuse

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(Accredited) temperature measurement

With temperature and humidity measurement, you can prove that damage to the goods did not occur during transportation, and the whole cooling chain can be controlled.

In case of map display, events can be tracked precisely; by monitoring door opening and compressor operation, for example, the reasons for fluctuations in temperature can be identified. It is possible to display temperatures, speeds, humidity, ignition states, and even routes together.

Temperature measurement is carried out with the help of authenticated, certified meters.In case of vehicles with partitioned cargo holds, several thermometers can be installed, which are handled by an on-board unit.

The system continuously records the measured data, and sends an alarm if non-conforming temperature is detected. Alarm limits can also be set in such a way that certain predetermined temperature fluctuations related to cargo hold door opening may be accepted.

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Attack signal button (panic button)

Theft protection, emergency

It is a rare but not unique case that a car stops and the phone battery is dead on an abandoned road, but it may also happen that you are attacked sitting in the car and cannot ask for help.
In such cases, the panic button servers as a rescue ring; when pushed, the dispatcher in the centre acts as agreed in advance. (This can be immediate police alert, control, and other options, according to the customer’s requirements.)

When transporting highly valuable cargo

The panic button is a convenient, and indeed, often specified requirement for high-value-cargo transporters, cash carriers and other similar high-profile vehicles. Let us hope you will never ever need to use it, but it is reassuring to know that you can ask for help if you find yourself in trouble!

Events registering

Apart from its intended use, the panic button can be used in several other situations. You can request that the function should signal a certain event. Examples: tilting or unloading the cargo.

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