Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPS tracking?

GPS is a global location system which provides a location service using a network of about 30 satellites orbiting the Earth. The receiver (e.g. using an antenna installed in a vehicle or a mobile phone) receives the signals of the satellites and calculates its own position and speed using those signals. It can be used either for navigation or for remote tracking of vehicles.

What does on-line tracking mean?

In case of tracking vehicles, it means that you can follow the movement of the vehicle on line, e.g. on a map. It can help you control the operation of your fleet and real-time organisation and logistics. In case of non-on-line systems, users must usually manually download data from the vehicle which means extra workload and, in case of frequent use, also extra costs as compared with on-line solutions that are usually offered on a flat-rate basis.

Is there an additional fee for retrieving data several times a day?

It has no extra costs, the data can be accessed without limitation and downloading data in the home country is free of charge; there are no additional costs other than the monthly fee.

Can the iTrack system handle a partner list?

Yes, you can define a partner list simply in an Excel table which can be imported in the system so that the name of the partners recorded will appear in the route lists instead of addresses.

How can I ensure the integrity of the employees’ privacy?

The nyomkövető system csatlakoztatható privát-firm associated assistance specifically a private, and/or a firm path. Private trips are completely separated, and the program displays them also separately and aggregately in the route list.

How does the fuel control service work?

The capacitive fuel probe is a certified measuring instrument capable of measuring fuel which is used for measuring the amount of fuel in the tank continuously and precisely. The measuring tool is tailored to the side of the tank. The data measured by the instrument are displayed on a graph.

What operating system is used by iTrack?

The system runs on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

Can I also use iTrack on my mobile phone?

Yes, there are mobile versions which can be accessed and downloaded from the website to Android and iOS mobile devices.

What happens if my motor vehicles regularly travel also abroad?

In case of roaming there are several options. If you need on-line tracking frequently also abroad, we can offer our flat rate packages. If you don’t need on-line tracking abroad, then the „black box” is capable of storing trips up to 10,000 km and uploads the data as soon as the vehicle enters the inland network so that the data recorded abroad become accessible. You can achieve substantial savings by this, and even in this case, if necessary, you can still retrieve data using a text messaging function.