Driving style analysis

Vezetési Stíluselemzés GPS nyomkövetéssel

The technology of iData Kft. is based on the analysis of values measured by GPS. It provides an evaluation of the driving style of drivers in an easily comprehensible and quick manner in order to

  • decrease the chance of accidents, because protecting human life is of utmost importance,
  • promote drivers to apply a defensive driving style,
  • increase the life expectancy of vehicles,
  • decrease repair costs,
  • save more fuel,
  • reduce emissions.

Important advantages of this technology include that is does not require the installation of any additional hardware, there is no need to calibrate the on-borad units, it is suitable for every type and category of vehicles, and it can be configured remotely.

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More careful, considerate and safe driving style.

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Avoiding accidents

The chance of accidents can be decreased.

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Life expectancy of vehicles

The life expectancy of vehicles increase, maintenance is more efficient.

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Temperature monitoring with certified equipment.

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Fuel saving

A defensive driving style allows the driver to save fuel.

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Time spent on repairs can be decreased.

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Vezetési Stíluselemzés GPS nyomkövetéssel

What is needed?

Driver identification
In order to run the report properly, the vehicles of the company should be already provided with the driver identification service of iData Kft. In lack of this, the distance accumulation cannot be broken down to separate drivers.

The only case when driver identification is not needed is when drivers have their own dedicated vehicles for permanent personal usage.

“Beeper” in the vehicle
If you would like to ensure that your drivers receive immediate feedback about their errors. This can be switched on and off remotely.

Setting up
Setting the system is performed by the Customer Service of iData Kft.

Vehicle type and category
The exact brand and type of each involved vehicle is required in order to perform categorization. This is important for setting the appropriate parameters.

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