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iData Kft.

is a renowned Hungarian medium-sized company dealing with GPS tracking. The 100% Hungarian-owned iData deals with car pool monitoring, fuel control, vehicle protection, and the toll payment of trucks with gross vehicle weight exceeding 3.5 tons. The company’s chief product is the iTrack GPS Tracking System.

Every day, nearly fourty highly-qualified engineer-programmers work on developing the iTrack GPS Tracking System. The GPS tracking units and the precision fuel probe are produced at the independent production facility of iData Kft. observing strict quality assurance, and the devices are installed into vehicles quickly by our professional staff.

The know-how and professional experience enables us to fulfill unique demands at a high standard. The system we offer may help your enterprise to improve its competitiveness. Moreover, it becomes easier to plan your expenses, and the system requires a low investment and operating cost.

In several European countries, our distributors’ network ensures the GPS tracking of international clients.

Please feel free to contact our colleagues for further and more detailed information, and for a personal (free of charge) consultation or demonstration!

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Corporate background with 120 people, since 15 years among leading market tracking companies.

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Own development

More than 30 Hungarian programmers, developers background.

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Hungarian manufacturing department, own manufacturing technology.

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Hungarian ownership

100% Hungarian owned company, European distribution background.

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More than 4,200 companies use it in 34,000 vehicles.

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Developments are tailored to market needs.

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Our team

Lajos Szabó

Co-founder, Owner

András Szabó

Owner, Managing Director

Balázs Póka

Owner, Lead Developer

Krisztina Vass

Head of Manufacturing

József Börcsök

Head of Customer Service

Orsolya Gábor

Head of Marketing

Tibor Oláh

Chief Financial Officer
Soóki Péter

Péter Soóki

Head of Software Development
Siposné Tóth Eszter HR vezető

Eszter Tóth Siposné

Head of HR
Zölei Nikolett

Nikolett Zölei

Head of Sales

Hajnalka Joó

Primary Client Manager

István Veliczky

Senior Sales Manager

László Kun

Senior Sales Manager

István Molnár

Sales Manager

Károly Herman

Sales Manager
Roland Krizsanóczi

Roland Krizsanóczi

Sales Manager